Send and receive money all over the world

Just Wallet™ supports unlimited currencies and crypto for money transfer, exchange and "Calls , texts , internet avalible in 195 countries around the world." including Global Top-up and money transfers with Qr/sms/email/username or Tap to Pay Payments
Moving Money Options

Users can transfer funds between accounts by Qr/sms/email/username or Tap to Pay Payments. Transaction is executed instantly with the established fee

Escrow Transaction

Money transfers can be protected by special escrowcode. Recipient will not be able to receive funds before entering protected and encrypted escrowcode

Comments for recipient

Any comments and notes written on the money transfer the recipient will see the records written on the unrewritable ledger and will be always public and soon available on all blocks and records are transparent and public and open records

Multiple currencies including crypto and infinite Interoperability on coins for transactions on the platform and instant exchange at the retail level

API rates

Set a daily mid market local exchange rate or use quotes directly from our liquidty providers

Fee for exchange

A fixed and interest fee is collected for currency exchange transactions

Transaction history

A Hyper ledger Fabric Blockchain built with a User-friendly interface for tracking transactions

Gifting to Friends and family

Verified and Secure #patentpending sending and receiving

Just wallet™ Exchange card

There are no limits - Interoperability between and Just wallet™ exchange card for any amount. to over 500 international Retail brands around the globe The means of your wallet balances are used #PatentPending

Any currency voucher

The Exchange card uses any of the currencies avavlible on your system. When activated, funds are credited to the just wallet™ Exchange card and set to a Base currency

Fee based% money transfer

For a voucher creation transaction, a commission is charged for both money transfer within the system

Secure and safe

The recipient money transfer will never know the name of the voucher creator

Instant transaction

Creation and activation of the voucher is performed instantly. This is a convenient method of deposit between users

Status tracking

The voucher creator can track the activation status. He can at any time independently activate the voucher and cancel it

Unlimited currencies and crypto for one account and secure resolution Vaulthold period for disputes

A simple yet advanced system for registering and verifying an account
6 levels of verification

The user can enter information about himself and upload documents for receiving deposit methods and withdrawing

Event logs

All account events are stored with the event type, date, ID and user IP address

Billing settings

The user can manage account details to withdraw funds from the system Just Wallet

Simple registration, login, password reset

A set of features to support users
  • Google Captcha

    The script uses the API service reCAPTCHA to log in, register and reset the account password. This excludes the brute force of passwords and unauthorized attempts to log into your account.

  • Two-factor authorization

    User can use two-factor authorization when signing in to the account. One-time input tokens can be sent in sms message, email message or accessible through a special mobile application.

  • Hold balance

    The amount of disputed transactions is held on the user's banal and is not available for transactions until the problem is resolved. An administrator can block any transaction

  • Ticket support system

    The ticketing system for customer support will provide the necessary assistance for any user. The user can create a ticket, reply in the ticket and close it if the problem is solved.

  • Feedback form

    A special form for communication for unregistered users allows you to contact the administrator even without an account.

Set of tools for receiving payments

Receiving payments in the system Just Wallet or integration with the user's site
Shop and payment

Users can create stores and digital products that are sold in a special section site


Invoices between users allow me to pay for goods, services, work

HTML form

Simple integration with third-party sites for receiving payments

Simple form for accepting payments on the site

Just Wallet sending a successful payment POST notification
Cart and orders

Merchants can publish shop, items on the site Just Wallet, and users can buy and download items

Protect purchase

If the goods are not received, the user can open a dispute and return the money

IPN service

The Platform will send POST notification to the user's server with the details of the completed transaction

Low risks

The purchase is paid from the balance account - not directly through a third-party gateway

Popular methods of despoit and withdrawing money

Built-in methods are suitable for most countries

Automatic deposits

Users will instantly receive money on their balance after the deposit, except for methods of bank transfers

Manual witdrawals

Requests for withdrawal of funds are handled by the administrator in manual mode

Operation limits

The administrator can set the minimum and maximum limit for each currency

Verification requirement

Set a minimum level of verification to use the deposit method and withdraw funds