Simplistic User-Experince

Just wallet™ mobile interfaces

Just wallet™ is on any Device

All Web Functions are available in the Just Wallet™ mobile template

Any mobile device

The template works fine on any mobile device and does not require installation

Does not require integration

Just create a subdomain, install the Just Wallet™ Platform and transfer the template styles folder

Single database

The template uses your main database. All transactions and other data are synchronized

Device Definition

You can configure automatic redirection to the mobile version and vice versa.

Any browser

The user can work with the site on any modern mobile browser

Advantageous solution

It's much cheaper and faster than designing and maintaining a native mobile application

Easy to turn into mobile application

Just use ready Webview mobile app
  • Web2App - Quickest Feature-Rich Android Webview

    Easily turn your mobile or responsive website into a mobile app within minutes. In addition to transforming your site into an app, Web2App can do much more! Explore the many useful options & features we offer below.

  • Universal for IOS - Full Multi-Purpose IOS app

    Show any webpage or site inside your app. With build in navigation support. Also supports local pages. The app is completely based on pure Objective C and layout files and designed for the latest version of IOS.

  • WebToNative - Advanced Windows 8/8.1 WebView Application

    This App has integrated browser. Code is clean, consistent, easily configurable and customizable. it does not require any programming skills. We provide excellent and quick support. Compatible with all kind of web sites

* Products from the list above to convert to apps do not belong to the company Just Wallet™. We do not support these applications and do not sublicense. All support questions should be sent to the author of the application. We are not responsible for the use of third-party applications and we only sell the Just Wallet™ template . Using applications from the list is not a prerequisite for using the mobile template.

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